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Hi all, it's me! Your Delnaaz.

You can say that I am one of the biggest coffee lovers and this love has not grown out of new, I have loved drinking coffee since I was a child. But, I used to wonder if any brand can come up with different flavors or not like those fancy restaurants. My search has come to an end with Freshokit where they offer 12 different types of delicious Brewstar coffees .

I was also excited to know that they offer 21 different kinds of teas that are packed with plenty of health benefits for people suffering from PCOS/ PCOD, low fertility rate, thyroid, etc.

Wait.. Wait.. Wait.

I can’t stop myself praising their perfectly chatpata Pickle. Oh My God!! It just feels like maa ke hath ka achaar. This app has a lot of other items like jams, fruits, vegetables, etc

I am completely convinced now ki grocery bole to……… Freshokit.

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Home Delivery Available
Home Delivery Available

We will deliver your order as soon as possible from our freshokit dark warehouse.

Home Delivery Available
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The best offers & prices
The best offers & prices

With cashback and offers, We offer cheaper prices than your local supermarket.

Offering a wide range of products
Offering a wide range of products

There are more than 150 products available across fruit, vegetables, coffee, tea, and other categories.

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