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“Freshokit” is a trademark of “Freshokit India Private Limited, a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 with its registered office at FF-5, Block-A, OMAXE Gurgaon Mall, Sohna Road, Sector-49, Gurgaon – 122001 (Company). The Company owns the domain name

Customers must thoroughly read and comprehend our Privacy Policy before using the website or mobile app. By doing so, you agree to get bound by its terms and conditions and give your agreement to collect, store, and use data about you in all the ways stated below. Readers are suggested to refrain from using or accessing the website/app in case of disagreement with our privacy policy's stated terms and conditions, particularly those pertaining to how your information is collected or used.

The Terms and Conditions of Use for the website/app include a reference to our stated Privacy Policy, which is subject to alteration at any moment without prior notice. It is strongly suggested that you regularly examine our Privacy Policy, which is available on the App and Website. Please contact us at if you have questions about this privacy statement.

The collection, storage and use of any/all data related to you

Based on your activity here on the website, we might automatically retain certain details about you, including but not limited to insights about the user's web browser, IP address, cookies stored on the device, as well as other information about you. To better understand, safeguard, and assist our users, we conduct internal research using this data on their demographics, interests, and behaviors. This data is gathered and examined on an aggregate level. Depending on how you engage with the site, this data may also include the URL you just came from (whether it is on it is on the website or not), the URL you next visit (whether it is on the website or not), data about your device's browser, your IP address, as well as other details.

Your smartphone IP or device IP can also be shared with 3rd parties, however, as per our knowledge, believability, and representations given to us by these third parties, they do not keep this data. Additionally, we periodically gather and keep personal data that you voluntarily submit to the site or app. To provide you with a seamless, productive, and safe experience that is tailored to your requirements, we only gather and utilize the information from you that we deem necessary, such

  • For the availability of your pre-selected services;
  • To periodically send any necessary information regarding your account, your products, or your services;
  • To enable you to get exceptional-quality customer service;
  • To follow the strictest security guidelines and conduct the appropriate checks for preventing money laundering and fraud
  • To abide by all relevant laws, norms, and regulations; and
  • To send you announcements, deals, and information on items and services which we feel you might be interested in, as well as news on linked, affiliated, or associated service providers and partners.

When you require a service that involves a third party, the business may disclose to that 3rd party the data that is deemed reasonably essential by it to fulfil your requests. Additionally, we utilise your contact details to notify you of jobs assigned to you as well as depending on your interests and previous behaviour. Additionally, the Company may choose to use your contact information internally to focus its efforts on improving existing products, to get in touch with you if you responded to a poll, to let you know if you won any contests, and also to send you promotional materials from its sponsors and advertising partners.

Contacts Permissions: If you let us access any of your contact list data, such as you and your contacts’ e-mail ids, as well as any other information saved therein, it helps us offer social features to you and your acquaintances/contacts. This may include sharing your listed orders with your friends/contacts, inviting them to try our application, share referral links with your friends and contacts. The business may also utilise this information for sharing customised grocery recommendations. This information is synced from your mobile device and saved and stored on our pe rsonal servers.

Additionally, you may from time to time, decide to share payment-related financial data (such as credit and/or debit card, bank details, name, current billing address, latest shipping address, mobile number, etc.) on our website. We are constantly committed to ensuring that all such sensitive information is safe and ensure that such information only gets transacted over fully secure sites, with approved payment gateways that are digitally encrypted and guarantee the best possible degree of security and care suggested under the tools presently used.

The Company won’t use any of your financial information for the purpose other than to transact with you for the explicit order. Additionally, your data may be utilised to communicate with you, screen your orders for probable risk or fraudulent, and use of suggested preferences related insights for the purpose of advertisement and website optimization.

Device Data: We can require your mobile device permission for fetching information about your personal device, such as OS (operating system) name, selected mobile network, hardware model, UDI (unique device identifier), etc. On the basis of these inputs, we plan to optimise your ordering experience and thus serve you in the best possible manner.

Location: This permission lets us offer you the advantage of delivering the order to your given address and provide location-based deals with personalised experience.

For Other Users: In case you are our delivery partner, this permission lets us verify your specific location data and locate your current location for aligning you at your preferred region when you start or engage for delivery and tracking its progress and completion of order trips.

This permission enables us to connect a suitable delivery partner with the best delivery opportunity. The route map helps us compute the correct distance charges and offers consumers great visibility of our delivery partner’s live location throughout delivery for address-related interventions.

SMS: If you permit us to view your SMS, we will read it to confirm your mobile phone number and to automatically fill or post the "OTP" field during purchase. Without any need to exit the app to receive an SMS and then enter it back in, you get a smooth buying experience while ordering online.

Phone: To reach our customer contact centres directly from the app, the application requires an ability to make calls.

Email ID:If you provide us with access to your email, we can offer you exclusive bargains and offers via mail.

Photo/ Media/ Files: We use the Freshokit pictures' media storage capabilities for cache
Camera: Using our buyer chat tool, you can enable the lens to snap images of invoices, damaged merchandise, and other items. We give you a choice to withhold any data that you don't want us to gather, save, or use, to the practical limit. Additionally, you have the option to opt-out of receiving any non-essential messages from the Company and not utilise a certain service or feature on the app or website.

Additionally, conducting business online entails risks that can only be reduced by adhering to security protocols yourself, including not disclosing account or login details to unauthorised parties and notifying our customer service team of any suspicious activity or instances in which your account has been undermined.

On some online pages, the business uses data collecting tools like "cookies" to track user behaviour, analyse how well advertisements perform, and advance trust and security. "Cookies" are tiny data bits that are downloaded to your computer or another device to help us provide our services. They may contain an anonymous unique identifier. The Business provides several functions that can only be accessed by using a "cookie." Additionally, the Firm operates cookies thus you don't have to input your password as often while logged in. Additionally, cookies may enable the Company to deliver tailored content for your preferences. Most cookies are "session cookies," meaning they're removed from your hard drive at the conclusion of a session.

The Company doesn’t save any data collected for longer than what’s reasonably considered important by the brand or such period as required by the applicable laws. The brand may need to disclose any insight which is lawfully sought by it by a judicial or any other competent body pursuant to applicable laws. The site may have links to other sites. We do not hold responsibility for the privacy practices of websites not managed and controlled by us.

For protecting against the loss, misuse as well alteration of the data under its control, the business has in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial regulations. For example, its servers are accessible only to authorized personnel and your data is shared with employees as well as authorized personnel for knowing basis to complete the said transaction and to give the services requested by you. Although the business endeavours for safeguarding the confidentiality and privacy of your personally identifiable information, transmissions made by it on the Internet can’t be made fully secure. By using the site, you agree that the Company won't have any liability for disclosure of your data due to errors in transmission and/or unauthorized 3rd party acts.

Note that the Company won't ask you to share sensitive data or information through email or telephone numbers. If you get any such request by email, telephone, or any other written or verbal medium, please avoid responding and do not share any sensitive information. We also request you to forward the data relating to the same to so we can take the necessary action at the earliest.


The Company assumes no responsibility for any communication unauthorized by Freshokit concerning any and all offers, GOBD Sales and more. This includes, but isn’t limited to, any fraudulent or misrepresentation because of any third-party administrators from loss or injury to the user. Users are cautioned that Freshokit doesn’t run any call centre, and doesn’t make any landline/mobile number/email available on the internet/social media or electronic means to the users other than the contact information given below.

In case any buyer wishes to communicate, they may communicate at the number or email, other than the faster In app Chat feature:

Registered Toll Free Number for Customer care helpline: 9205333817


you agree & confirm

  • In event of delivery delays/ returns from the destination on your account, any additional expenses incurred by the brand for re-delivery of the goods shall be borne by you
  • We are not responsible for any delays or failures to order delivery, if any delay or failure arises from causes beyond our reasonable control
  • You agree to utilise the services provided by us for lawful purposes only, and comply with all applicable regulations and law, while using/accessing and transacting on the given Marketplace
  • You will share authentic and true information where any data is requested. The Company all reserves the right to confirm and validate the insights and other information provided by you anytime.
  • If at any time, the data provided by you is false or inaccurate, the Company owns the right in its sole discretion to reject registration, cancel orders, and debar you from service usage and any other affiliated service in the future without any prior intimation whatsoever, and without any liability to you
  • You are accessing services by the Company and transacting at your own risk and using the best and prudent judgement before transacting through the Marketplace
  • Before placing the order, you acknowledged checking and reviewing the product description in sufficient detail. By placing the order on this Marketplace, you agree to get bound by all all sale conditions included in the product’s description without any exception.
  • Notwithstanding the right of the Company on cancellation of the order, any Product in the order may be replaced by the Company in case of unavailability or for other reasons outside the control of the Company, subject to you may refuse to accept such replacement/substitute product. For such cancellations, the Company will initiate a refund, if any, on the order/product, if any, made by you under the relevant order within 72 hours

GST effect on delivery

  • As the nation welcomes the ‘One Nation, One Tax’’ initiative, effective from July 1st 2017, we, at Freshokit, also welcome this change by making our processes fully compliant with the GST
  • All your orders will be fulfilled in line with the GST guidelines
  • What changes can you expect at our end? Since the government has exempted specified goods from the GST, you'll receive invoices for them separately. Which means that your specified order will be broken down into 3 components:
  • At the time of product delivery, our company field executive will hand over the delivery statement, listing down all the items you have ordered
  • Delivery Statement for you to review all the products ordered
  • Tax Invoice that show all the goods that taxed
  • Bill of Supply

We assure you that you'll get all the GST benefits and lower priced items, as always from Freshokit. If you still have any queries, please feel free to reach out at our Customer Care helpline: 9310613200

Order limit & minimum order value

  • Customers are eligible to place upto 6 live orders
  • A customer cannot place another order if 6 of their orders are still live
  • Live order referring to all orders that are undelivered
  • Drop shipment orders split into 2 separate orders, on the basis the merchants
  • Internal orders are also counted as orders
  • Every store has its own delivery charges. Delivery charges are mentioned on app and website at the checkout page
  • The Company may at discretion charge a delivery fee, surge fee, convenience fee, packaging fee or fees etc. for the delivery of items purchased by you on the given Marketplace. Such charges will surely be notified to You prior to placing an order. By placing the order, you agree to pay for such charges being levied by the Company

you agree & confirm

  • That in event product delivery delayed or returned from its destination on your account (e.g, providing a wrong name or aaddress or other incorrect or misleading information), additional costs incurred by the business/ Company for the re-delivery of the product(s) will be borne by the user
  • We will not be held responsible for he delay or failure to deliver your order if the delay/ failure arises from the cause that is beyond the company's reasonable control
  • You agree to use all the services provided by Company for lawful purposes only, and shall comply with all applicable regulations and laws and regulations while using/accessing & transacting on Marketplace
  • You will provide authentic & true info in all instances where any info is requested of you. The Company reserves the right to confirm and validate the user data and details provided by you at anytime
  • If at anytime, the info provided by you is false/ inaccurate (wholly or partly), the Company can in its sole discretion reject registration, cancel orders, as well as debar you from using their services and other affiliated services in the future without any prior intimation whatsoever, and without any liability to you
  • You are accessing the services made available by the Company and transacting at your sole risk and are using your best and prudent judgement before entering any transaction through the Marketplace
  • Before placing any order, you acknowledged to have checked & reviewed the product's description carefully and much in sufficient detail. By placing the order on the Marketplace, you fully agree to be bound by the given conditions of sale included in the item’s description without exception
  • Notwithstanding the right of the Company on the cancellation of the order, any of the Products in the order may be replaced by the Company in case of unavailability or for other reasons outside the control of the Company, subject to you may refuse to accept such replacement/substitute product. For such cancellations, the Company will initiate a refund, if any, on the order/product, if, made by you under the relevant order within 72 hours

Order cancellation

  • As a buyer, you may cancel any orders placed by you before the particular order enters the “billed” stage. For all permitted cancellations, we will surely initiate its refund, if made by you under the relevant order, in approximately 48 to 72 hours.
  • Orders can get cancelled by Company in any of the mentioned cases: (a) if it's suspected that any customer undertakes a fraudulent transaction, or (b) if it's suspected that any customer has undertaken a transaction that does not conform to violates Terms of Use/User Agreement, or (c) in case of unavailability of product(s), or (d) for a reason outside the control of the Company, including causes for delivery-related logistical difficulties. For such cancellations, the Company will initiate a refund, if any, made by you under the relevant order within 72 hours.
  • Further, while precautions are taken to ensure the accuracy of product specs, the product details as reflected within the Marketplace can be inaccurate due to technical issues, typographical errors or incorrect item details provided to the Company by 3rd-party sellers. In such an event, you shall be notified at the earliest when such error comes to the notice of the Company. In such circumstances, the Company reserves the right to cancel your order and grant credit/coupon for the returned product’s value. Such credit will be available against the subsequent invoice for transactions on the said Marketplace.
  • We maintain a complete list of fraudulent transactions and non-complying and reserve the right to deny access to users at any time or cancel any orders placed by in the future.

Returns & refunds

  • The Marketplace has entitled users who purchased products on the Marketplace to return the product or else request replacement after it has been delivered only if it's an issue with the product. If you no longer need that item, bought it by mistake or have changed your mind, you may return the product at the time of delivery. We will not accept return requests for such cases post-delivery.
  • If a product has been accepted for return or replacement, please keep the product in its original packaging. Additionally, the product must be unused and unwashed, with all tags intact.
  • A few items won't be eligible for returns and will be marked “Non-returnable” on the good's description page.
  • Freshokit does our best to ensure you don't face the exact issue again and improve our services. Thereby, we pass feedback to our merchants providing the products. You must share images of items with which you are facing the issue. Subject to acceptance from the 3rd-party product seller, the Company may take back returned products and grant a credit or refund instead of their value (returned products). Such credit shall be used against the subsequent invoice for transactions on Marketplace.
  • The timeline to raise a complaint depends on the product category: Consumable Perishables – meats, seafood, frozen food and FnV, a dairy category including milk, eggs and bread, etc. (3 days); Consumable Non-perishables – groceries, etc. (3 days); General Merchandise – Electronics, home furnishings, fashion, etc. (7 days); Freebie missing issue (7 days); Entire wrong order & MDND (7 days); and Other issues – insect, fungus or foreign material, expired products, etc. (no restriction).
  • In case of complaints related to items purchased from Duty-free sales, the complaint TAT is the following: consumable perishables (3 days), consumable non-perishable consumables (3 days), and general merchandise, including household and lifestyle items, etc. (7 days). Please note, that all perfumes and personal care items are non-returnable and non-refundable. Please check them at your doorstep when receiving your order, as we won't be able to register any complaints for items after their delivery
  • The refund timeline shall depend on the mode of payment used. It is the following for each mode: Freshokit wallet (24 to 48 hours), Payzapp and Google pay (5 to 7 working days), IMPS (24 to 48 hours), Bank - CC/DC/NB (5–7 working days), and an external wallet (24 to 48 hours).
  • You can request a refund/replacement for Electronics and Cookware products within 7 days of order/item delivery in case of a quality issue. This request shall only be considered if all original tags and packaging are fully intact. It is requested that the user shall check if the item seal is intact (i.e., not broken) when accepting his or her order to avoid all kinds of damage-related complaints after the delivery.
  • Further, it's clarified that for electronics and cookware, no returns shall be accepted after 7 days of delivery and the users should get in touch with the Brand or Manufacturer with the original invoice given at the time of delivery from Freshoki
  • A few items that are listed may or may not carry seller warranty. For these, Freshokit will provide the basic return policy
  • Refunds, if any, would be made at the same issuing bank through which the Product was purchased. For cash on delivery or COD transactions, the User has the option to receive the refund as Freshokit cash in the Freshokit wallet or refund can be credited in any given bank account via NEFT (for which the said User shall have to share their bank details).
  • For payments that are made through electronic means such as in case of payment via debit card, credit card, mobile or net banking, wallet, etc., the item' refund amount shall be made using that same payment mode
  • All customer refunds will be made in Indian Rupees only

Freshokit cashback

The terms and conditions for eligibility of Cashback are in addition to and not in substitution of/ derogation to the regulations and terms and conditions governing use/access of the Marketplace

  • A user can be entitled to cashback on a specific order as indicated at the checkout of the order on Marketplace
  • No Cashback will be available for orders cancelled. Any Cashback offered can be recovered by Company, without any notice to the buyer or user, in such cases. The Cashback offered for orders for which the refund claim was made, whether partial or full, will be adjusted or edited to delete Cashback attributable till the order's refund extent. This condition will apply strictly and notwithstand the display of order cashback on the specific item(s) that were listed on the App as an item/product specific cashback
  • The Cashback will mean the grant of amount credit for the eligible order cashback, shall be added to the users ‘Promotional/Cashback’ section of his/her ‘Freshokit Wallet’ account, and shall in no event imply that cashback may be credited to the user’s bank account or card account or refunded in cash at any time. Freshokit Wallet is powered by icicibank and use thereof is subject to additional terms and conditions.
  • Cashback offers can't be clubbed with other offers and can't be assigned or transferred to a different user
  • Company reserves all the right to, without any liability or prejudice of any of the other rights, anytime, without any previous notice and time to time, withdraw or suspend or amend or cancel the Cashback offers, with the terms applicable thereto
  • Cashback will reflect in the user’s Freshokit wallet within 6 to 12 hours. However, in case of some coupons it may take upto 7 working days from the order delivery for the cashback to reflect in the user's account. Cashback credit available is usable only for the App and on no other platform, site, store or otherwise. Promotional cashback credited may be subjected to expiry at the Company discretion. Cashback will expire after a minimum duration of 60 days from the last order unless it is specified or added through a separate campaign, which may be subject to shorter expiry times
  • Users shall not hold the said Company or its group entities, or affiliates, their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, responsible for/ liable for, any actions, claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, charges and expenses which a user claims to have suffered, sustained/ incurred, or claims to suffer, sustain/ incur, by way of and/or on account of any purchase made through the App, whether with/ without Cashback
  • The Company doesn't in any manner endorse or support or promote, in any manner, the purchase of products or undertaking of transactions inter alia which are subject to Cashback
  • Cashback are available on versions 2.5 & above.
  • Cashback & discount codes aren't applicable on ghee, edible oil, baby food products and smoking needs, and any cashback amount used from Freshokit Wallet while placing the order


Unified Payments Interface is the instant real-time payment system developed by the National Payments Corporation of India that facilitates inter-bank transactions. This interface is fully regulated by the RBI or Reserve Bank of India and works by instant transfer of funds between two bank accounts on a mobile platform

  • UPI is built over IMPS for fund transfer.
  • UPI would appear as a separate tab on the Payment Options page on your android application
  • Once you click on the UPI option, it will scan your device to find out the UPI apps on your phones
  • You can choose one of the apps to pay for the order and complete the transaction Refund against the transaction (if any) would be reflected in your respective account within 5-7 working days post initiation

Orders delivered directly by our manufacturer-partners

You may request for a refund/replacement within 3 days of item delivery, for the items or products that get delivered in 5 to 7 days (look for a tag on the product images) with original tags and packaging that is intact in case of any suggested quality issues. It's also requested that the user must check if a product seal is intact (i.e. not broken) when accepting their order to help avoid any kind of damage related complaints after delivery

Further, it's clarified that for products which get delivered in 5 to 7 days (look for a tag on product images), no returns shall be accepted post 7 days of delivery and the buyer should get in touch with the Brand or Manufacturer with all original invoice provided at the time of item or product delivery from the Manufacturer or partners

The customer can't return any partial orders and open packages at the doorstep (Doorstep return policy isn't applicable for this and related cases)

The given refund is initiated to the customer only when the reverse pickup of their order is marked for delivered post returning it to the delivery executive

DS Return Policy: If you want to return any product, please keep the product in the original packaging. In addition, the product must be unused and unwashed, with all tags intact

Non-returnable products information visible in the product info/description section on the website/app: A few products may not be eligible for return and will be marked “Non-returnable

Wholesale trading

You acknowledge and agree that the terms and conditions set out on the Marketplace (including as contained herein – (Conditions-of-Supply and Wholesale Trade) are the terms and conditions applicable to any order placed by you on the App, unless any separate written instrument is executed in relation to a specified order to prevail over these Conditions of Contract.

Terms & conditions

.The Delivery Agent also reserves all the right to cancel an Order and the said User won't be entitled for receiving a refund of any amount that's paid towards such a cancelled Order, which includes the Delivery Charges as well as the payment gateway charges.

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